The prevalence of abuse involving physical contact was 20

Daniel S Halperin, privat docenta, Paul Bouvier, maitre assistantb, Philip D Jaffe, charge de coursc pandora australia, Roger Luc Mounoud, Claus H Pawlak, chef de cliniqued, Jerome Laederach, research assistantc, Helene Rey Wicky, research assistantc, Florence Astie, research assistantca Faculty of Medicine, Paediatric Emergency Unit, Hopital des Enfants, 1211 Geneva 14, Switzerlandb Faculty of Medicine, Institut de Medecine Sociale et Preventive, Centre Medical Universitaire, 1211 Geneva 14c Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Universite de Geneve, 1227 Carouged Unite de Psychiatrie de 1’Adolescent, Service Medico Pedagogique, 1201 GenevaService de Sante de la Jeunesse, 1211 Geneva 3 Roger Luc Mounoud, medecin attache a la direction. The prevalence of abuse involving physical contact was 20.4% (116 cases) among girls and 3.3% (18) among boys. The prevalence of abuse involving some form of penetration was 5.6% (32 cases) among girls and 1.1% (six) among boys.

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The prevalence of abuse involving physical contact was 20