Skoda has yet to release complete technical specifications on

The more modest diesel and 1.4 litre units are DSG only in front wheel drive trim, but can have that transmission or a six speed manual when equipped with four wheel drive.The 148bhp 1.4 petrol gets either a six speed DSG or a six speed manual in four wheel drive versions, or just the DSG with front drive. The only Kodiaq that’s available with the combination of front wheel drive and a manual gearbox is the entry level petrol, therefore; it doesn’t get any DSG option.Skoda has yet to release complete technical specifications on the Kodiaq, but it has revealed that the cleanest model will be the lower powered diesel. This is likely to be in front drive DSG trim; it emits just 131g/km of CO2 in this form, and 142g/km with four wheel drive and a manual gearbox.The Kodiaq will get Driving Mode Select on its options list; it allows the driver to select different modes which alter the engine response, gearbox software, power steering and air conditioning depending on the terrain and surfaces being traversed.

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Skoda has yet to release complete technical specifications on