Fiedler, 194 Mich App 682 (1992), the Fleeing Felon doctrine

«You do not get over it,» he says. «To describe it best, it is like the very first week it looks like we’ve got this situation. It is just so simple. But with Elbow, it’s all about the music, and the music is wrought and majestic and far too subtle, strictly speaking, for enormodomes such as this. Over the next two hours tonight, on this cold March evening, the mood they elicit from these 10,000 thirtysomethings is one of slack jawed awe, the goosebumps frequently giving way to actual tears. It is this collective outpouring of emotion that lends added poignancy to singer Guy Garvey’s regular query from the stage: «Is everybody OK?».

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Fiedler, 194 Mich App 682 (1992), the Fleeing Felon doctrine